I call it confluence, but Jung called it synchronicity. It’s when things come together to push you in a certain direction.

A friend and a book both told me I needed to start my day with affirmations. The book was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She gives many to choose from and, one presumes, one can write one’s own.

I started with hers and migrated to more personal affirmations, though one of hers is now MINE.

The first one, the one that has remained the same over the weeks and months, is I am a brilliant and prolific author.

I have done a lot with that affirmation. I listened to the inner critic–and answered that monster, throwing those knives all the way into the netherworlds. I have celebrated why it is true and how and when and that it will continue to be true.

It’s been a major game changer in my life because it changed my perspective.

Words have power. It’s why we write and speak.

Words you hear/say/write often have more power.