Sometimes we get so caught up in our work, whether that is writing or something else, that we forget to feed our imagination. It’s as hungry as your heart and your mind. Take it out and feed it well, lest it become a dragon and devour you! (Okay, that was probably going a little far, but… maybe not.)

Go to a bookstore, a physical building, and roam the stacks. Don’t go to the sections you normally do (or browse them quickly and move on). 

If you normally look at fiction, go to the nonfiction section.

If you look at books, check out the magazines.

If you are always in the children’s section, go to the art section or the new book section.

Browse. Read. Turn pages. Look at titles. 

If you are broke, plan to spend a while in the store.

I spent an hour and a half on my last trip and came home with six books: a journal, a children’s book, and four creative jumpstart books.

Usually I stay in fashion and home decor at that particular store. I did walk through there. Then I went other places. 

As I was leaving with my giant stack of books, I saw a different stack of gorgeous journals. I’ll go back and stare at those on another day.