No, I am not saying you are a dummy. I need to send a manuscript to an editor. She would take it as a whole manuscript or as a sketch dummy.

To be treated as a professional, work must look professional. This means it is essential to know what a manuscript should look like. has a post by Jen Malone, a freelance editor, describing what the manuscript should look like. The only caveat is that if you add one-inch margins to your Paragraph as she says, in MSWord, you will be creating two-inch margins. Looking at her example it is clear she does not mean for you to do that.

Since I remember she said “page turner” as one of her criteria, I may need to make a sketch dummy.

This video by David Mackintosh is a good one, though it does make me sad that I am not an illustrator, too.

Stephen Shaskan (rhymes with “trashcan”) is a children’s book author and illustrator. He provides two different 32-page picture book templates, depending on how the publisher does the ends.

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