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How long should book be?

Sambuchino, Chuck. “Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post.” Writer’s Digest, F+W Media, 24 October 2016. Accessed 26 May 2019.

Sff 100-115,000 (aim for 105,000)

YA 55,000- 80,000 (but around 60,000 unless sff)
Which messes up the book I am writing right now. If this has to be 60,000 words, I’m nowhere near the first 10% for the inciting incident. 2800 and she’s on the way to camp. I guess I could add normal day and not jump to school’s end. That would be more typical.
Show what is upsetting her there. What she doesn’t like. What she’s afraid of.

MG 20,000-55,000 (but has to avoid hot button issues.)

NOTE: These are getting longer overall, I think. I found notes on how long they should be in 2011. 20-40K was the shortest

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