Plants hear the sound of the honeybee and up the sugar content of their pollen quickly.

Hadany’s team looked at evening primroses (Oenothera drummondii) and found that within minutes of sensing vibrations from pollinators’ wings, the plants temporarily increased the concentration of sugar in their flowers’ nectar. In effect, the flowers themselves served as ears, picking up the specific frequencies of bees’ wings while tuning out irrelevant sounds like wind.

from Donahue’s “Flowers Can Hear Buzzing Bees” in National Geographic, January 15, 2019

by Antonio Grosz via Unsplash

If there are no bees, the plant is shade or ground cover.

Octopi and squid change colors to communicate. If eye color is related to emotion, what would the drawbacks be?

Farscape has touches of biotech. Slug cleans teeth while humming. There is an animal to translate languages.

Bio/civilization on ice/water world or in the clouds of a gas giant would use bio instead of tech

Avatar the world tree creates the planet.

Color of Difference by Amy Thompson has aliens bio tech

Jupiter Descending, movie by Lewinskys

Methuselah’s Children by Robert Heinlein

Historically humans DID breed biologically. Found animals and domesticated.

  • in Hawaii the mongoose is diurnal and eats eggs of ground laying birds
  • in India the mongoose is nocturnal and eats rats


I attended FenCon 2019 and went to a couple of panels by science fiction and fantasy authors that I thought had useful information for writers. One of those panels was Extraordinary Creatures. I separated out biotech because it seemed to be taking my thoughts in different directions.

The panelists

  • Julie Czerneda, with 17 science fiction and 3 fantasy novels
  • Amber Royer, with 2 comic science fiction novels
  • William Ledbetter, an author of hard science fiction and alien first contact
  • Stephen Patrick, author of Holocaust Engine
  • Adrian Simmons, editor of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly


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