I attended FenCon 2019 and went to a couple of panels by science fiction and fantasy authors that I thought had useful information for writers.

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  • Shana Swenson, 20 books published
  • Mel White, NF and fiction
  • Paul Black, 7 books
  • Jan S. Gephardt, author/illustrator
  • Patrice Sarath, 5 novels
  • Tex Thompson 

Distractions are related to priorities.

Make a quality decision that this is worth doing.


Take advantage of the tools available.

10-Minute Novelists is a Facebook Group. They write for 10 minutes at a time.

Habitica, the app, can help you game-ify your life

365 Writer (paid to join)

NaNoWriMo (Mel White wrote her dissertation using this)

Know the story length and set goals for success.


Make it a habit.

recommend James Clear’s Atomic Habits on the science of habit building and the importance of environment

Habit stack. Build on top of an existing habit.


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Establish your environment.

Work has its own dedicated environment.

Avoid places with non-work vibes. Vibes are free. You can establish vibes.

Write 3 or 4 books in my pantry because that was the only available space.


Use ritual.

Form a pattern of behavior.

Ritual can help you get started right each time.

a ritual should be soothing and meditative–not games like solitaire.


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Set goals you can  reach.

Writing and creativity are not science.

You have to know your limits.

Consider a timed sprint. Decide to write for a very short time (2-4 minutes) so that you can be successful. Repeat that. Build on it.

Take it slow.

Write to your limits.

Remember WHY you’re writing.

Don’t make it drudgery.


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Schedule writing

Schedule distractions

Schedule your day job

Make writing an appointment.

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