Maybe you aren’t a linear person and using mind mapping would help you with your writing.

I attended another presentation on mind mapping recently and thought, “Wow. That would help with picture book writing.”

For those of you who like video, Susan Gregory offers the basics to get you started with mind mapping.

I have not used Ayoa, but they explain mind mapping in five easy steps. The website says you can sign up for free, but I have not done that.

Years ago Mind Meister helped me create a mind map which explained how all the various things I did fit within the giant umbrella of my work. I recommend Mind Meister, which is a web-based tool. They have a free plan, which allows you to create 3 mind maps, all the way up to business plans for groups and administrators.

If you want to see some very different examples, Wikimedia Commons offers 12 in a gallery.

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