I started 12×12 a bit late–halfway into the month. But I’ve already written two first drafts of picture books and done a revision of another.

I’ve done a webinar, too, on query letters for children’s book authors and I have another I have a month to watch.

I went to a session from SCBWI for our local folks that an incredible author, Penny Parker Klostermann, put together. That inspired me to kick my work back in gear and get moving on this journey of writing children’s books.

Penny gave us lots of good ideas about agents and how to create our own list of agents we might want to submit to.

At the end I asked her about things she had recommended I join, including a “very expensive group where you write a pb a month.” Turns out “very expensive” was under $200. I went home and signed up for 12×12 immediately.

I’m so glad I did.

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