Lauren Kerstein suggested brainstorming using your childhood memories. Like she did in her post for StoryStorm, I am just going to list some of my childhood memories.

  • Finding brand new shoes in the trash can
  • My dad bringing home a puppy abandoned at a gas station
  • falling off a rocking horse and hitting my head
  • handing my newborn baby brother my bottle (Okay, I don’t remember that. It was one of my mother’s favorite stories.)
  • falling down the stairs at church (two whole floors of them!)
  • going to buy ice cream and getting SIX scoops
  • burying a potato to get rid of my warts
  • being attacked by One Bad Cat
  • learning to sing “The Old Mother Duck”
  • learning a song in Italian
  • Learning “You Are My Sunshine”
  • riding home on a train and having put my baby doll in a seat we had not paid for–a young man with a guitar ended up sitting next to me and was quite polite and sweet
  • getting a red headed doll as tall as I was from our next door neighbors
  • receiving a box of caramels from my grandmother for Christmas
  • going swimming in Oak Creek Canyon
  • going swimming in the irrigation ditches

I just discovered a super story idea writing these down.

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