One of the stories I remember from when I was a child–before we could afford books–was about a woman who had never had a birthday party and was going to be 16 years old. She was ancient. The MC was sad that her friend was losing her mind.

The woman didn’t have dementia.¬†She was born on February 29, so in her lifetime, she would only have had 16 birthdays.

I am fairly sure that this is when I learned about leap years.

Christian Bowen via Unsplash

If that woman were celebrating her birthday this year, she would have been born in 1956. From my viewpoint, she’s not that old! (For those of you who haven’t done the math, that would make her 64.)

This is a leap year and the only year of the millennium that will have a palindrome of the date.

Happy 02/02/2020!

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