Candace “Candy” Fleming did a webinar for the 12×12 challenge.

by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

One thing she said that really made me think–again and again–was that you need to “stake your identity” by building on the unique characteristics of your voice and sharpen them. Practice them. And, while she didn’t say this, I would add, perfect them.

She also said the writer is the common thread for all their books and the voice, style, recurrent these, characters, and settings are the familiar elements in your character as author.

I am going to go through the stories I have written and see what stylistic or voice mannerisms I have.

I did a quick count today of the “complete” stories I have (meaning those with multiple drafts, the whole story, and editing completed) and came up with 17. I am going to go through at least 10 of those and see if I can tell what my typical style is. I can, at least, identify the rhetorical devices and stylistic aspects that each story has.

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