One of my heroes:

“Denver the Dapper Dog with the permanent tuxedo and the cool bow tie.”

Note: The dog to the left is my dog, who was my inspiration, but is nothing like Denver.

Thankfully imagination works like that.

by Park Troopers via Unsplash


A story idea that came from an icebreaker speech at Toastmasters (used with permission):

Someone moving to a new place and going “over the top” about adapting to that place.


by Gareth Harper via Unsplash

Story ideas from my life:

Growing up, folks had a hard time pronouncing my name.

My husband left town and the house seemed to be making new noises. What if a child in a new house were having the same experience?

Many of my friends have had to deal with parents or grandparents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. How could that be a story to give a kid words to use to describe their feelings?


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