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I wrote earlier about questions that have helped me think about voice over the years. (That was the original post on persona voice questions.)

I know there are others I find interesting, particularly as an author, so I decided to share some more.

I am basically picking just a few from the next section of the article that I think are apropos to picture book authors.

I may blog about my thoughts on them later, but if I do that now, I will not get this post out. (Plus this way, I can make another post about it and not have to come up with a new idea!)

Some of these I find personally intriguing and now, having put them in a post, I want to think about them more.

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35. Do all readers hear the same voices? Do readers hear the same voices in texts as their authors hear?

36. To what extent do texts produce and create and construct and contain and control voice(s)? Note: I think this was what Candy Fleming was specifically talking about in her webinar.

49. How is voice related to the texture, color, and size of the paper on which writing is printed?

(part of) 60. What is an authentic voice? How can I write with an authentic voice? Do I have only one authentic voice?

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Okay, I am going to cheat. I can’t wait till later to write on this one. NO, I do not have only one authentic voice. People speak differently, yet are still themselves, in different situations. Then, for me, the question becomes, what are my authentic voices?

65. How much do I want to call attention to voice? Why?

68. What is the origin of my voice?

Leggo, Carl. “Questions I Need to Ask Before I Advise My Students to Write in Their Own Voices.” Rhetoric Review 10.1 (Fall 1991): 143-152.

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