All us kids have been out of school for spring break. School was supposed to start up again on Monday, but now we are having two weeks of spring break.

by Fikri Rasyid via Unsplash

Apparently lots of people are afraid the virus will make toilet paper disappear so they made it disappear instead.

I guess that’s why they were laughing about the toilet paper rolls Daddy “won” at the dinner party they went to last night.

I didn’t tell them, but I went around the house and counted all our toilet paper. If it’s going to disappear, I wanted to make sure we have enough.

We do. We have 36 rolls of toilet paper. 34 plus what Daddy won at the party.

Momma buys a lot of stuff. She says it is because she forgets that she bought it, but remembers that she needed it. That’s how Daddy ended up with 100 pairs of socks one time.

She needs to remember socks again. He only has 7 pairs now and Momma hates to do laundry.

Momma’s friend in Spain can’t leave her house for two weeks. The whole country is closed.

Andras Vas from Unsplash

I went through my Facebook posts to see what I had written about.

I remember very clearly when I realized this was going to be a big deal to the country.

The 13th was the last day I saw friends for dinner and even then we were using hand sanitizer and the prizes for our games were actual rolls of toilet paper.

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