April 7- Day

Our church wasn’t funny, but Momma showed me some stuff on the computer that was funny. The pastor from England  set his shirt on fire and just said, “Oh dear. I seem to be on fire. My goodness.” (He put the fire out right away.) That was funny. It wouldn’t have been if he had

April 5 – Day

We got all dressed up for church and then we didn’t go anywhere. Instead we went in the living room and watched the pastor, just like the last two weeks. Momma gave me paper to draw pictures for Nonni and Grama. I made an entire stack of pictures of us at Time Out Church. Ninja

March 31 – Day

Daddy ordered a special cake for Momma from the local bakery. It looks like toilet paper. It tastes good, though. We called Nonni and Poppi. I asked them about Time Out at their house. Nonni didn’t want to talk about it. Nonni told me about what she did when she was a little girl. She

March 29 – Day

Momma says the whole world is crazy. I asked why. She said never mind. But I saw what she was reading on Facebook, and I think it was that. “Whole US: We are freaking out. Texas: We now deliver booze.” Booze is alcohol. They deliver groceries. You get alcohol at the grocery store. Why wouldn’t they

March 27 – Day

Momma played bagpipe music all day long. Some was good and some was just loud. She tried to talk Daddy into putting on his kilt, but he wouldn’t do it. “I need to work.” I don’t know why he couldn’t work in his kilt.

March 24 – Day

Daddy went and gave blood today after Momma told him there was a shortage. Momma said Daddy probably won’t get the virus because he’s O+. I’m glad he won’t get sick. Since he was being grumpy, though, I asked how he was so positive. She said his blood was O+. The research she read said

March 21-Day

Daddy and Momma wanted to put puzzles together. They didn’t have any grown up puzzles, so Momma asked if they could borrow the super hero puzzles from my last birthday party. I said sure. It took them half an hour to put two puzzles together. They aren’t very good at puzzles.

March 19

According to Facebook, my superhero name is Purple Ninja, because my dog Ninja was sitting next to me on the couch. (It’s the color of your shirt and the item to your right.) Daddy has been going around all day calling me Purple Ninja and asking me about what superhero things Purple Ninja has done