March 18

People are weird. Momma and Daddy were laughing about throwing toilet paper over the trees of their enemies. First, we aren’t supposed to have enemies. Second, why would you waste toilet paper? Third, if you did it, why would you talk about it?

March 17

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I wore green and took a picture and put it on the internet. Grama, Grampa, Nonni, and Poppi all loved it. Three of my friends sent me lol’s. I didn’t think I looked funny. We called Uncle Micah. He said the Linials are all holed up in their houses. He and

Persona Voice Questions: 3

Even though I have looked at these question off and on for almost 30 years, I find they are making me think in new ways because I am now thinking in terms of picture books and authoring those, rather than thinking of my college students writing research papers, essays, and tests. Thinking in new ways