Odd Collection

“Start a collection of odd, interesting things (e.g., a slinky, model airplane, robot and so on) and put them in a curiosity box or bag…Then, you can pull out unique items randomly when confronted with a problem or opportunity… When brainstorming for new ideas, odd, unusual things often trigger new associations. It may sound silly,

Notes on YA SFF

Years ago I attended some good panels on YA science fiction and fantasy writing. I thought I would share the links that I posted on another site. YA Books This includes a discussion of levels of sex and violence. It also discusses those in terms of American versus European publishers/audiences. YA Books 2 “We get

Finding an Agent

Many years ago I attended a conference presentation on Agent Hunting. Though I do not have an agent (and I haven’t looked for one yet), if you are interested in children’s literature, attending SCBWI conferences–regional or national–would be a good place to start.