Bad Writing is Good

Bad writing is GOOD because bad writing is necessary. Writing isn’t perfect the first time. We have erasers, backspacing, delete, and reprints just because writing isn’t perfect. Anne Lamott says, “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” Janet Hulstrand takes that a bit farther, for us perfectionists, and

Work Smarter

I was listening to an author (Jed Jurchenko) talk about writing and he said that writing is creative. Does anyone disagree with that? Yeah, me neither. Then he said that editing is critical. I agree with that too. You? Then he said something I had not thought of: Do our brains switch back and forth

Stronger Voice

If you have people tell you the voice isn’t strong enough, your language is probably too generic. Look for words that add more than one thing to the story. Don’t say your Main Character (MC) “sat down.” Instead say they “flopped” or “settled” or “parked” or “perched.” Flopped says they are relaxed and casual. Settled

Mind Mapping

Maybe you aren’t a linear person and using mind mapping would help you with your writing. I attended another presentation on mind mapping recently and thought, “Wow. That would help with picture book writing.” For those of you who like video, Susan Gregory offers the basics to get you started with mind mapping. I have