Multiple rejections story: One of Sarah Jane Abbott’s most recent books had ten or eleven rejections before she accepted it, as an editor for Beach Lane Books. This INCLUDED things like a revise and resubmit from another house. Sarah Jane Abbott, when asked whether a knowing book was rejected before influences editors, said, “It just

What Makes a Project Viable?

Sean McCarthy, founder and sole agent for Sean McCarthy Literary Agency, discussed what makes a work viable. He gave four requirements. It has an arresting commercial hook. It has an internal or emotional core. Character transformation takes place. It has a fresh, original concept. Related to that, I believe, was his comment on issue-driven versus character-driven

How Does a Novel Work?

From Sarah Jane Abbott, an associate editor for Paula Wiseman Books and Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster, who spoke at Austin’s SCBWI conference: After the novel has been submitted and accepted (if I remember correctly), the editor will read, line edit, and check changes on a draft. They will also send an edit letter with