Use Social Media

Sherrinda Ketchersid, a medieval Christian romance author, whose book Lord of Her Heart, was published this month, presented “Tips and Tools for the Writing Journey” to the Abilene Writers’ Guild on May 23rd. Her are some of the things I took away from her presentation: Being visible is important. You need to pick social media (or

Don’t Give Up

Mitali Perkins, author of ELEVEN published children’s books, including Rickshaw Girl, and her newest Forward Me Back to You–just released last month, spoke at Austin’s SCBWI conference. Among many useful details from her keynote speech, she said: “You don’t control the market. You can control your craft.” So work on your writing. Read a lot, in the

6-Word Biographies

One way to make sure you know your characters is to create a 6-word biography for them. Examples from my middle grades novels (from the oldest character to the youngest): (Great) Uncle Toban: Hope renewed. Beloved uncle. Valued partner. Grama Kawa: Matriarch, raising littles, joy after despair. World Lost. Family Found. Grateful heart. Survivor. Making