Nurture Your Writing Habit

I attended FenCon 2019 and went to a couple of panels by science fiction and fantasy authors that I thought had useful information for writers. Panelists Shana Swenson, 20 books published Mel White, NF and fiction Paul Black, 7 books Jan S. Gephardt, author/illustrator Patrice Sarath, 5 novels Tex Thompson  Distractions are related to priorities. Make

Editing Tips

Years ago I went to a conference and attended a session on poetry editing. I think that quite a few of these tips are relevant to the picture book market. One point that relates back to the four exercises I covered earlier, is “Are you being original in your phrases and images? Avoid using clichés!”

Metaphors in Language Learning

While learning Bahasa Malaysia, I have discovered that some birds are metaphors in their language. The children’s dictionary says “owl” in English, for example, but the Malaysian translation is two words: XX bird. Owl is “ghost bird” literally. What would it mean to be a ghost bird? What does a ghost bird do that other

Highs and Lows

Sometimes discouragement comes in the midst of celebration. Re-reading something I wrote I was delighted with how good it was. Then I thought how much I am enjoying this journey into children’s book creation and publishing. After that, however, I hit a bump. I thought “why?” I wondered if it was worth it. It may