Metaphors in Language Learning

While learning Bahasa Malaysia, I have discovered that some birds are metaphors in their language. The children’s dictionary says “owl” in English, for example, but the Malaysian translation is two words: XX bird. Owl is “ghost bird” literally. What would it mean to be a ghost bird? What does a ghost bird do that other

Highs and Lows

Sometimes discouragement comes in the midst of celebration. Re-reading something I wrote I was delighted with how good it was. Then I thought how much I am enjoying this journey into children’s book creation and publishing. After that, however, I hit a bump. I thought “why?” I wondered if it was worth it. It may


I call it confluence, but Jung called it synchronicity. It’s when things come together to push you in a certain direction. A friend and a book both told me I needed to start my day with affirmations. The book was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She gives many to choose from and, one presumes,