Highs and Lows

Sometimes discouragement comes in the midst of celebration. Re-reading something I wrote I was delighted with how good it was. Then I thought how much I am enjoying this journey into children’s book creation and publishing. After that, however, I hit a bump. I thought “why?” I wondered if it was worth it. It may

5 Other Lives

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron gives assignments. An early assignment (repeated often) is to describe five other lives you would live. An early one of mine said “children’s author.” That was the key to unlocking my journey and letting lose my creativity and my artist. I’m not there yet, but I am on my


I call it confluence, but Jung called it synchronicity. It’s when things come together to push you in a certain direction. A friend and a book both told me I needed to start my day with affirmations. The book was The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She gives many to choose from and, one presumes,