Metaphors in Language Learning

While learning Bahasa Malaysia, I have discovered that some birds are metaphors in their language. The children’s dictionary says “owl” in English, for example, but the Malaysian translation is two words: XX bird. Owl is “ghost bird” literally. What would it mean to be a ghost bird? What does a ghost bird do that other

Vivid Imagery

This is a framework for teaching students to write poetry. It’s fun. It has worked multiple times. It’s here if you want to use it. When I want students to write, I tell them to write poetry. If you haven’t tried that, do it. Most children will happily write poetry for hours. Even older students,

Poetry Please

When you want American students to write, start with poetry. (The international students I have taught seemed more comfortable with creative nonfiction or stories.) If you think they will say they hate poetry, have them tell you their favorite songs. Look some of those up online. Those are poems. Tell them so. That gets their